»Musica Sudamericana«

Works by Heitor Villa-Lobos, Antonio Lauro, Ernesto Cordero, Dilermando Reis and Baden Powell
A journey into the colorful soundscape of South America: rousing sambas, swinging waltzes and proud tangos, impressions of tropical nights and the mysterious majesty of the rainforest.


Works by José Vinas, Fernando Sor, Federico Moreno-Torroba, Joaquin Rodrigo, Eric Satie, Miroslav Tadic and Peter Meier
A fascinating journey through the world of concert guitar music – timeless classical music, Spanish fire, French inwardness and archaic Balkan sounds.


Music from Silence with works by Carlo Domeniconi, Alexandre Tansman, Eric Satie, Gebhard Geduld and Peter Meier
A kaleidoscope of wide melody arcs and colorful sound surfaces: the concert to the CD of the same name.


Peter Meier plays Peter Meier – a concert evening with own compositions
Inspired expressiveness and elegance are trademarks of Peter Meier’s melodic tonal language influenced by classical and latin music, Jazz, Folk and others – from  intimate love songs without words to spirited sambas – pure relaxation and delight!

press reviews

… Peter Meier presented the numerous visitors in the Seeresidenz with his wide-ranging program “Guitarra Brillante” technically perfect playing in a subtle, gripping interpretation and differentiated sound design. Ingredients with which Meier managed to create a particularly dense and concentrated atmosphere in this beautiful hall. Between the pieces, Meier always communicates casually with the audience – tells amusing and interesting facts about the works, in order to immediately create a space full of intense sonority again… (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

… in the second part of the evening the music of South America was in the foreground. It was obvious that the artist really loved this music when, smiling, he coaxed the great abundance of South American rhythms and melodies from his instrument, which can also be found in his own compositions. His fitting “River Song” also testified to the skills of a modest and sympathetic artist… (Waldkraiburger Zeitung)

…once again one could only marvel, even if one has already seen famous guitarists on stage: the effortlessness of Peter Meier’s playing is amazing, his technical perfection breathtaking… At the same time his second great strength is his lyrical, even romantic tone, this enormous singing ability of his game… (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

…You could have listened to the guitar virtuoso Peter Meier for hours: In a time overwhelmed by stimuli, that was a blessing for body and soul… (Münchener Merkur)