CD CANTILENA (Guitar Solo)

… This is a record of colorful and unobtrusive South American pieces, performed by Peter Meier with aplomb and just the lightness they need to unfold. Simply beautiful – 4 stars! (Peter Pfäffgen in “Guitar and Lute”)

… I liked this CD a lot: it is energetic, immediate, mysterious, contemplative and lots of fun – simply wonderful in quality! Only a small portion of it has ever been recorded before – I can unreservedly recommend this fine recording… (Chris Dumigan/ Classical Guitar Magazine, London)


Sound comes from stillness, silence, just as a picture is created on a blank canvas. Nowadays, music is often intentionally designed to create an effect that floods the senses – with volume, tempo and effects – as a reflection of our modern lifestyle.

In contrast, silence is a great reservoir from which music can organically draw and unfold its energy.

The guitarist Peter Meier has allowed himself the courage to allow this process with the conception of his new CD. Its serenity becomes an event, it allows us to listen – to follow the course of the melodies and the stride of the sounds – to let ourselves drift with the music.

The exquisite compilation not only opens up spaces, but also points through the ages – and gives an idea that people’s longing for silence and peace outlasts the course of the centuries.

(Thomas Köthe, director of the world music festival “Grenzenlos” Murnau)

… here it is about the beauty of every single tone, about the variety in the tonal design and plastic tone shaping – and in terms of content about a true “soul massage” – a blessing for us plagued by loud everyday world…

(Robert Palmer/ Süddeutsche Zeitung)


…the guitar sings, whispers, speaks, breathes delicate harmonics, peppers rasgueados – and the soprano saxophone chats with it, lets the notes float or beds them down on velvet cushions: Peter Meier’s CASCADA creates colorful sound paintings from building blocks of Brazilian music, jazz, the Balkans and classical music. The group must draw from an inexhaustible source: full of joy (alegria), fire and nonchalance. In every tone, in every rhythm lurks the danger of infection… (Dorothea Treder/ Magazine Leonart)


” …The amazing thing about Peter Meier’s compositions is that they suggest to the listener that there is someone at work who has all the time in the world in his hands. The pieces on “La Musica” do not nervously pant from one crescendo to the next, but take the necessary time to strive poco a poco towards their climax. Mind you: Meier does not make music at all, slowly but thoroughly! His compositions resemble tightly woven textures in which one can lose oneself and feel at ease…” (Acoustic Guitar)

“Delightful and cheerful stuff! Peter Meier is a highly competent player and composer – at the moment this is hardly ever off my turntable and I look forward impatiently to his next release… (Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine, London)

“…it is more about calmness, about “listening into oneself”, than about extroverted virtuosity: it is this calmness that is transmitted to the listener and that also resounds in the temperamentally arranged pieces. Sometimes one feels reminded of David Qualey, but on the whole it remains unmistakably Peter Meier – who goes his own way…” (Staccato)