Press reviews Solo

“Subtle, gripping interpretation” Indeed, it was an exceptionally brilliant guitar playing, which Peter Meier offered the numerous visitors to the Seeresidenz with his wide-ranging program “Guitarra Brillante” with works by Fernando Sor, Isaac Albéniz and Baden Powell, amongst others: technically perfect playing in subtle, gripping interpretation and differentiated sound design. Ingredients with which Meier succeeded in creating a particularly dense and concentrated atmosphere in this beautiful hall: his fingers fly over the instrument seemingly effortless, even rapid runs are masterfully managed by him. In between the pieces Meier communicates with the audience in a relaxed manner – he tells amusing and interesting facts about the works, in order to immediately create a space full of intense sound, as for example in the wonderfully melancholic lullaby “Berceuse d’Orient” by Alexandre Tansman or the equally beautiful “Mambo des Nuances” by Roland Dyens… (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

“The man who makes the guitar sing” …once again you could only marvel, even if you have already seen famous guitarists on stage: the effortlessness of Peter Meier’s playing is astounding, his technical perfection breathtaking (…) At the same time his second great strength is his lyrical, even romantic tone, this enormous singing power of his playing… (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

“Benefit for soul and body“…one could listen to the guitar virtuoso Peter Meier for hours: with Spanish concertante and South American compositions he created atmospheric, spirited to delicate sound spaces, which the large audience listened to with fascination. In our time flooded with stimuli this was a blessing for soul and body… (Münchener Merkur)

Duo Aria Graziosa

… The radiant mezzo-soprano Anne Buter has a multi-faceted voice with a pleasantly warm timbre, solidly trained, but already rich in expression by nature and absolutely convincing even in the delicate piano… the well-balanced selection of songs by Franz Schubert, carefully and well sounding arranged for guitar by accompanist Peter Meier, convinced with an extraordinary sense for words and phrases… (Rheinische Post)


At home in distant worlds …the organisers in Seefeld Castle were delighted with the well-filled rows and an enthusiastic audience, which followed the brilliant guitarist and his three great musicians, who always enjoyed travelling and were eagerly awaiting the concert, across the borders of Spain to Africa and again and again to Brazil. There Meier lets islanders dream of the mainland and with his own elegance in playing their longing grow into a sonorous picture – to immediately boil up a samba with rich basses and driving rhythmic …(Süddeutsche Zeitung)

With the passion of wind and water …world music at its best Peter Meier presented with his ensemble CASCADA . The most beautiful pieces of the evening were inspired by the element of water: for example the finesse-rich “River Song”, a Meier variant of Smetana’s “Moldau” with the gurgling of springs at the beginning, an increasingly flowing theme and a sea-like finale…after three encores many a listener left the hall whistling…(Münchner Merkur)

Holiday for the ears …colorful, uninhibited sound cosmos of classical music, folk and jazz in the Seeresidenz Seeshaupt… (Weilheimer Tagblatt)

“Cascades of sound in the Kapuzinerstadl” …one could really dive into this musical waterfall with great pleasure, whereby the fantastic percussion solo by Marcio Alves was one of the highlights…above all the music radiated mild wanderlust and pure summer mood. Whether the musicians told cheerful and melancholic stories of glittering light, let a hummingbird kiss a flower, or took the audience on a long train journey through the scorching heat of Spain into the middle of a flamenco fiesta – the music always radiated relaxed cheerfulness with its high, virtuoso precision… (Deggendorfer Zeitung)

“The lightness of being” …Bass player Junggeburth remains in the background as a heartbeat, rhythm magician Alves plays with full body movement, the reserved Bouterwek makes the soprano saxophone shout or sound magical and Meier, who appears happy and relaxed, impresses with effortless technique and differentiated intonation – Peter Meier’s Cascada stands for harmonious, flowing music-making…(Süddeutsche Zeitung)