Andreas Lindae from Munich wrote on February 14, 2022

Dear Peter (I’ll just casually say Peter…),

I became aware of Sebastian Stenzel, from whom I picked up a great guitar 2 days ago in Emmendingen. I’m the lucky one who got the chance to buy his showroom guitar. She is beautiful. Talking to him was extremely interesting! I found videos of you on his homepage. I was linked there for a while with a guitar I had borrowed from him at the time. I watched some of your videos. From the very first moment I realized that a super great guitarist lives in the neighborhood here in Munich :). Your compositions are absolutely great! I hope to play one or two of these on my new Stenzel guitar!

All the best

Andreas from Munich Kleinhadern


Markus Wagner from Lenggries wrote on May 8, 2020

Dear Peter,

Right now I’m listening to the wonderful album “La Musica”. Many of your pieces invite you to dream. In particular, the title “Albatros” lets me float with ease but also certainty, for me it’s still a real favourite.

Best regards



Wolfgang Breuer from Weilheim i.OB. wrote on March 1, 2020

Dear Peter,

Even more, friends and neighbors were totally enthusiastic about our now traditional house concert on Boxing Day. The symbiosis of lightness, melody and depth is unique in your guitar playing and something very special. And the interplay with your dear Sarah, who read selected texts… just perfect.

You are booked again!


Astridd & Wolfgang


Jörn wrote on June 10, 2019

Dear Peter,


the new site is very successful. A welcome opportunity to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent teaching, which responds so well to my individual needs and is a lot of fun.


Best regards



Armin Gerkinsmeyer & Uta Beeching from Kaufbeuren wrote on July 10, 2018

Dear Mr. Meier,

Thank you for your wonderful guitar playing at our parents’ farewell & memorial service. All thoughts and feelings were carried and absorbed by your music. And so, despite this sad occasion, we and all those present are accompanied by beautiful memories of this day of saying goodbye together.

Yours, Armin Gerkinsmeyer


Anita Ebentreich from Brunnthal wrote on August 21, 2017

Dear Mr. Meier, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your musical accompaniment at our wedding at Lake Ammer. How lucky to have found you. Everything was perfect. Thanks to your wonderful musical compositions, you gave our wedding ceremony in the Künstlerhaus Gasteiger a very special setting. The room was filled with your guitar sounds and everyone listened and let themselves be carried away. Your music hits the heart. Big thanks also for “All you need is love”. We love your CD.


Markus Wagner from Lenggries wrote on August 13, 2017

Dear Peter,

I am currently on the Way of St. James (Lenggries – Santiago di Compostella). An intermediate station was Le Puy-en-Velay (F). There the Saint Michel chapel stands on a 80m high volcanic rock, an ancient place with a special spirituality. The wonderful piece “Estar Contigo” (P. Meier) created an atmosphere of reverence and bliss.

Warm greetings



Chen Xie from Stuttgart wrote on June 8, 2017

Dear Mr. Meier,


I listened to your piece Canzonetta on youtube and am very impressed.

How can I buy the sheet music of this piece?

I didn’t find that out on your website.

Thank you in advance for your feedback


Best regards



Markus Wagner from Lenggries wrote on November 21, 2016

Dear Peter,

Many thanks for the very nice concert in Raisting. I really enjoyed the Meier pieces, almost the entire concert. Many memories, including my own experiments, came up. Peter, you really enriched the world with wonderful compositions, thank you very much.



Friederike & Arnd Leike from Weilheim wrote on November 15, 2016

Dear Peter Meier,


Their “COLOURS” concert on Sunday, November 13th, 2016 in the Otto-Hellmeier-Kulturhaus in Raisting was “soul nourishment” and “balm” for us after the past few days of moving!

We very much enjoyed the colorful variety of sounds in the program – played so brilliantly and subtly by you -, the sympathetic explanations and the attentively listening audience in the light atmosphere of this room!


Thank you and best regards,

Friederike and Arnd Leike


Monika Michler from Oberappersdorf wrote on November 12, 2016

Dear Peter, thanks again for the great ensemble day in Weilheim. I’m busy implementing your technique tips and I’m already looking forward to the next time.

The guitar spring is almost on my calendar

Musical greetings



Sibylle Ludovisy wrote on July 10, 2016

Dear Peter,

I can only agree with Margit and Dieter: the guitar spring is an experience every year.

Your concert in our small, very fine Kulturstadl with Notker and Ingrid Zikeli was also a very special experience. In your concerts and especially with your own compositions, you always create a wonderful atmosphere that makes you forget everyday life and takes the audience on a musical journey.

I’m already looking forward to Tuscany in August and I’m curious how the new pieces in the workshop will sound.

Warm greetings


Dieter Konnerth from Munich wrote on April 26, 2016

Once again a wonderful “guitar spring” – despite the lousy winter weather. I am still full of tones, impressions, snippets of conversation… The Bach chorale that we played accompanies me on the way to the subway in the morning and I notice how I walk in this timeless breath. I’ve just listened to the recordings that you sent via email and I don’t think the South American pieces you rehearsed are that bad, especially with 12 guitars at the same time. How do you manage to keep twelve people, who are very nice and motivated but at times also unconventional plucking, concentrated and focused on making music together, and do it with patience, without ever raising the tone, and create such a pleasant atmosphere? Respect! By the way, the house and the food are also excellent. Thanks!

Margit Hennrich from Moosburg wrote on April 25, 2016

Dear Peter,

I’ll just open your guest book now 🙂

I really liked the workshop in Herrsching. It was great that you chose such different pieces. The musical field for the guitar is infinitely large. How nice! Many thanks for the little lessons in harmony and rhythm – I can always use them. Thanks also to the group. It was very relaxed and uncomplicated with you. As a newcomer, I felt very comfortable right away.

Best regards